Hello everyone!  I hope all is well and healthy with you and your families.  A few of you have reached out so I thought I’d send another email regarding the Variety Show.

This on-going, ever evolving situation surrounding Covid-19 still has MCPS understandably not allowing anything to be officially rescheduled.  While Olney Theatre has offered us backup dates in June for the show- how the remainder of the year pans out is a big factor to if those backup dates will even work in the grand scheme of what needs to be accomplished academically. Not to mention when/if Olney Theatre itself is allowed to re-open its doors to the public.  I want to stay positive and optimistic, but I do not have the “crystal ball” answers to any of that.

In the meantime- for those who paid for “Messages to the Stars”, here are your options for now:

  1. Hold tight for now and if the show does go on, your messages will be there. (If the show ultimately gets cancelled, see option 2 below for how your funds will be returned)
  2. If you want your messages removed now and your money returned now, I’m offering contact free pickup from the front porch of my home for those who paid by cash or check.  Give me a date/time and it will be there in an envelope. For those who paid via Venmo, I can easily send you the funds right back to your account. 

An additional choice when/if refunds are needed is that you can also donate the funds to the PTA- but that is entirely up to you.

Stay home, stay healthy, and stay safe!